Vehicle Safety Markings

Vehicle safety markings are especially important for vehicles that travel on every type of road like lorries, trailers, emergency vehicles, utility and service vehicles or containers parked on the side of the road. Vehicles that can be seen are so much safer!

Truck with vehicle markings
Watch our video to see why conspicuity vehicle markings are so important.

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Vehicle safety marking applications

Vehicle safety markings are used to increase vehicle visibility with very specific adhesive sheetings, with bright colors or chevrons for day visibility and high retroreflectivity for better visibility in the dark.

  • For any heavy goods vehicle over 7.5 tons manufactured after 2011 it's mandatory to use conspicuity markings on the front, side and back of the truck. 3M's range of vehicle marking tapes for rigid or curtain truck and trailers sides and trailers are easy to apply, highly reflective and hard wearing, keeping vehicles and drivers safer on the road.

  • Emergency vehicles such as fire engines, ambulances and police cars need highly visible safety markings which ensure high visibility both day and night in all weather conditions.

  • Service and utility vehicles that can drive slowly and stop on all types of road need to be visible day and night in all weather conditions to protect road users and emergency workers.

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