Vehicle Warning Chevron Markings

Vehicle warning chevron markings can be used for road maintenance vehicles, for any utility vehicle that parks on the side of the road or drives slowly for a specific activity. Reflective chevrons can also be used by last kilometer home delivery vans and trucks to secure quick stops in the streets.

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Do your vehicles meet local marking regulations?

Vehicle warning chevron markings can be mandatory for some category of vehicles or voluntary if authorised by local regulation. It can be applied on the rear, the front and the sides of any vehicle to re-enforce visibility during day and night time.

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  • Example of some country regulations

    TPESC in France. All road workzone vehicles and slow moving vehicles that can also frequently park on the side of the road must be equipped with Red White Chevron reflective sheeting (Minimum Class RA1 and RA2 on high speed roads. Highly recommended RA2). Concerns all types of vehicle, cars, vans and medium size trucks. Red White chevrons are mandatory for Road construction work zone and Road maintenance vehicles and is recommended for all other facilities vehicles that stop on the side of the road (water and energy suppliers, after-sales services and breakdowns, gardeners, construction, as well as delivery vans). Minimum reflective surface must be 0.16m² each on the front and both side while 0.32m² on the rear.

    For Germany, product should meet DIN 30710 requirements, red/white chevron with minimum Class 2 level. To the front and rear minimum surface 0.16 m² each, recommended to do more on larger vehicles. Vehicles that are to be seen from the side, should also have side marking.


Why choose 3M vehicle warning chevron markings?

3M has a very strong expertise in Road Safety and provides easy solutions to increase visibility of any category of vehicle. Depending on local regulations or specification, 3M offers the 3 retroreflective solutions; from 3M™ Diamond Grade™ Very high visibility vehicle markings to 3M™ High Intensity Metalised Flexible Prismatic Vehicle Marking tapes.

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    Superior night-time reflectivity

    3M vehicle warning chevron markings are highly visible, protecting drivers, public and vehicles, even in the dead of night.

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    Easy application

    Our chevron kits ensure fuss-free application whatever the vehicle, from cars to heavy trucks.

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    Reduced accidents, reduced repair costs

    Vehicle warning chevron markings help you to prevent fatalities and injuries, as well as avoiding costly repairs.

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Frequently asked questions about vehicle warning markings

Find answers to some of our frequently asked questions about rear chevron markings.

  • In France, Belgium and Germany, red/white chevrons are mandatory for road maintenance vehicles that drive slowly on highways and can park on the side of roads. Red/white chevrons can also be used on vans that often park on the side of the road or streets.

    Red/white chevrons are highly recommended by 3M for small delivery trucks and vans.

  • Red/White Chevrons reflective are used on many utility vehicles that either park on the side of the roads or drives slowly.

    It can be small utilities trucks, vans and cars.

    Energy company fleets, Water suppliers companies, Road safety vehicles, Construction and Craftman vehicles. Specialty vehicle like Snow plow trucks, elevator vehicle, Agricol vehicles, Garbage trucks, Containers...

  • You can apply the kits (width 140mm) yourself but when it comes to large surfaces, we advise to ask an applicator specialist.

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