Components of Performance Spray Gun Kit such as nozzles, adaptors, cups, lids, liners, spray gun

3M™ Performance Spray Gun

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Introducing our paint spray system - a smarter way to spray

  • Components of Performance Spray Gun Kit such as nozzles, adaptors, cups, lids, liners, spray gun
    • You don’t believe in compromises - and neither do we.

      That's why we reinvented the spray gun to keep up with the pace of today’s professional painters. Top-of-the-line performance meets faster cleanup, faster changeovers and faster cycle times.

      Bringing you the best of 3M Science, all packed into the smartest, lightest spray gun in the world

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      Download 3M™ Performance Gun Brochure (PDF, 383 KB)

  • Painter spraying paint on a car area using the 3M performance spray gun
    Precision Performance

    Third-party tested, painter approved. It’s everything you expect from your best spray gun – just smarter. Spray a full range of high-performance automotive coatings.

    • High transfer efficiency
    • Consistent atomisation
    • Large fan pattern
    • Spray a full range of coatings
  • Painter applying a nozzle on a cup with paint
    Faster Cycle Times

    Integrated system with 3M™ PPS™ Series 2.0 Spray Cups and replaceable nozzles delivers the fastest changeovers in the industry, which adds up to faster cycle times and more time in the zone.

    • Seamless integration with PPS™
    • Quick-change replaceable nozzles
    • Instant changeovers
    • Easily, the most versatile spray gun in the industry
  • Painter cleaning a nozzle with a white wipe
    Cleans in Seconds

    Innovative quick-change replaceable nozzle technology means cleanup can be as simple as a twist and a wipe. And every time you put on a fresh nozzle, it’s like getting a brand-new spray gun.

    • Twist the locking collar
    • Pull off the replaceable nozzle
    • Wipe the needle clean
    • No tools or disassembly required
  • Painter spraying on a car area using the 3M performance spray gun
    Lightest in the World

    Made from an impact-resistant composite material, it’s the lightest spray gun in the world. All to enhance your comfort without sacrificing performance or durability.

    • Up to 50 % lighter than leading metal spray guns
    • Impact-resistant, stainless steel reinforced composite
    • Simple, intuitive design
    • Optimised for comfort and balance

  • a nozzle on a white background

    Innovative Replaceable Nozzles

    The secret lives inside our advanced interchangeable nozzle technology.

    In six different sizes from 1.2 to 2.0, each atomising head is optimised for consistent atomisation and superior transfer efficiency — across a full range of high-performance automotive coatings.

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The 3M™ Performance Spray Gun is designed to deliver best-in-class performance while saving you time. You’ll experience faster cleanup, faster changeovers and faster cycle times. All packed into the lightest spray gun in the world.

If you need help finding the right product for your project or have questions about 3M™ Performance Spray Gun, get in touch with a 3M expert.


A car spray gun designed for High-Performance Coatings

Spray solid colours, metallics, pearls, clear coats, sealers, and primers with the same premium performance you expect from your best spray gun. And every time you swap out the replaceable nozzle for a fresh one, you can expect like-new spray performance.

colours shade, primer, solid purple colour, metallic, pearls, clear coat on white background

The car spray gun. Reinvented.

After 10 years of relentless research and development, we're excited to introduce the 3M™ Performance Spray Gun — a revolution in spray gun technology that delivers top-of-the-line spray performance with unrivaled productivity.

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  • a spray gun exploded on a white background

Fluid Knob

Adjust material flow rates

Locking collar

Secures nozzle to the body


Regulates paint flow as it travels through the nozzle


Designed for smooth pull

3M™ PPS™ Series 2.0 Lid

Intergrated full-size, removable filter for solvent-based or waterborne coatings

Shaping knob

Adjust fan pattern size

Lightweight Durable Body

Made from an advanced composite reinforced with stainless steel

Replaceable Atomising Head

in 6 sizes, shaped to fit the 3M™ PPS™ Series 2.0 Cup, allowing an excellent balance of the gun

3M™ PPS™ Series 2.0 Spray Cup with Liner

All-in-one mix and spray

The starter kit.

Designed for the modern professional painter, the 3M™ Performance Spray Gun Starter Kit (PN26778) includes all the essentials you need to get started.

  • Components of 3M Performance Spray Gun Kit such as nozzles, adaptors, cups, lids, liners, spray gun
    • 3M™ Performance Spray Gun
    • 5 Atomising Heads 1.2
    • 5 Atomising Heads 1.3
    • 5 Atomising Heads 1.4
    • Air Control Valve
    • 3M™ PPS™ Series 2.0 Cup
    • 5 Liners
    • 3 Sealing Plugs
    • 1 Locking Collar
    • 4 Lids 200 micron
    • 1 Lid 125 micron

Spray Gun Technical Specifications

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Performance Spray Gun Resources

Training Videos

  • Adjusting the Settings
    Adjusting the Settings
  • Assembling the Kit
    Assembling the Kit
  • Application and Cleaning
    Application and Cleaning
  • Assembly and Application
    Assembly and Application
  • PPS 2.0 Enhancements
    PPS 2.0 Enhancements
  • Rebuild Process
    Rebuild Process

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  • The 3M™ Performance Spray Gun delivers top-of-the-line spray performance with unrivalled productivity. Its revolutionary design provides the finish of a premium HVLP (high volume low pressure) primer gun at a fraction of the cost.

    Thanks to the replaceable atomising head, it’s like spraying with a brand new gun every time you use a new disposable head.

  • The 3M Paint Preparation System significantly increases productivity in the paint spray processes. The closed disposable liner system allows for direct mixing and storing of unused paint if needed.

    Cleaning time and solvent use is reduced to a minimum, particularly if used with the 3M™ Performance Spray Gun

  • 3M revolutionised the concept of surface protection to enhance your maintenance process.

    The 3M™ Dirt Trap Protection System is great for surface protection, but a closer look reveals a breakthrough innovation that actually traps dust, dirt and overspray in a unique non-woven construction.

    Clean your booth regularly when it´s necessary!

  • Metamerism refers to the value of the colour difference between two samples under two different light sources and can make colour matching a difficult and frustrating task.

    The 3M PPS™ Colour Check Light II is designed to provide near daylight conditions for more accurate colour matching during paint work.

  • Safety first!
    Please always consult national regulations for suitable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for use against hazards, including isocyanates. PPE shown may not be adequate or suitable for your specific application or substances used.
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