Dynamic Mixing System & Filler

Dynamic Mixing System and Refinish Filler

3M offers a range of premium bodyfillers for your daily dent filling jobs. All of these high quality fillers have excellent sanding properties and are easy to spread. The high quality resin in our filler range gives you a better quality of repair and can be used on multiple substrates. Our body filler products require fewer skims and reduce risk of re-work particularly when used with the DMS system.

  • Dynamic Mixing System for Refinish Body Fillers

    The 3M Dynamic Mixing System is a revolutionary technology that redefines the dent repair process through the introduction of an innovative filler application system. Filler and hardener are applied ready mixed in the correct ratio and without incorporation of air directly onto the panel. The DMS filler application process significantly eases improves your repair process.

    • Risk of creating pinholes is significantly reduced - thus less rework - eliminate a coat of filler
    • Filler waste reduction - applying filler on demand provides the right quantity for the job
    • Clean system - less mess - clean work place and results



  • Filler in Cans

    Filler in Cans

    3M's premium body fillers are available in standard cans and are supplied with hardener. Simply mix the two components manually on a clean board and follow our filler application process for best results.

    For final layer applications or cosmetic repairs, we also offer a premium glaze, which is very easy to apply, cures fast and sand exceptionally well.

  •  Filler in Wall Dispenser

    Filler in Wall Dispenser

    For best use of traditional filler application, filler from wall dispensers assure the right ratio of filler to hardener is mixed, the filler is easily dispensed, creating less waste and clean up.