Faster, Safer & Stronger

Faster, Safer & Stronger

Cleaning Care

Scotch-Brite™ Cleaning Solutions is the choice of cleaning and catering professionals everywhere, who know they can rely on 3M innovation to deliver products to tackle even the most demanding surface and cleaning challenges.

• Clean and dust even the most delicate surfaces
• Quickly clean in food service areas
• Scrub baked on foods off pots and pans
• Scour soap scum build-up in sinks
• Clean hot griddle surfaces -odour-free

  • From heavy-duty kitchen scouring needs, to cleaning delicate bathroom surfaces, our range is designed to be highly effective, efficient and durable.

  • No matter how tough the task, our cleaning chemicals are designed to clean more effectively and efficiently.

  • Designed to take on difficult cleaning jobs efficiently and bring cooled or hot grills to a high luster, we offer a range of griddle cleaning screens, pads, and cleaners to remove baked-on food and grease while protecting employees from burns.