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For a faster, brighter, safer and more productive approach to cleaning

In a highly competitive market contract cleaners are under constant pressure to reduce their costs and adopt a more sustainable approach to their cleaning - without compromising the quality of their service.

At 3M, we recognise that the largest part of your costs is labour and that the best way for you to maintain your margins is to increase your staff productivity – by finding less labour-intensive, more sustainable solutions or removing processes altogether.

This need for more productive, sustainable cleaning solutions is driving innovation at 3M; from floor pads that provide a higher gloss for longer without the use of chemicals, to glass cleaners that both clean and protect for a longer lasting shine, without the need for high levels of solvents and ammonia.

For a safer, more productive approach to cleaning, talk to 3M first.

Featured New Products

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  • Unique power dot technology applied to four different scouring pads and sponges – to help you blast through tough baked-on or burnt-on soils faster and more effectively. This technology allows for quicker rinsing and minimizes trapped food particles, keeping the scouring pads cleaner longer.

  • The glass cleaner that works harder, so you don't have to. Cleans and protects for a faster, longer lasting shine. Makes light work of fingerprints and even permanent marker.

  • Just two coats produce a clean, shiny, durable finish that is less susceptible to scuffs, black marks, stains and scratches.

Skip the disinfectant. Instantly remove 99.9% of microbes with just water.

We understand that keeping your spaces free of viruses, germs and bacteria has become more important than ever before. Disinfectants kill germs but they leave a residue which degrades the surface. Instead, with the patented technology in 3M™ Instant Microbe Removing Wipes, you can trap and remove germs to get surfaces clean and virtually eliminate cross-contamination with no disinfectant required.

  • 3M™ Instant Microbe Removing Wipes

    No chemical smell - no surface degradation

    Choose a solution that works only with water, eliminating the need for adding chemicals — no chemical smell or PPE required. No surface degradation.

    • Quickly trap and remove 99.9% of microbes including SARS-CoV-2*
    • Use water – it works without a disinfectant, no PPE required
    • Reduce waste – refillable containers, if wipes dry out, just add water
    • Virtually eliminate cross-contamination
    • Reduce the potential for a breeding ground for microbes


    *Based on 3rd party testing with water only.
    For complete list of efficacy claims, see Technical Data Sheet (PDF, 154 KB).