• A brand new look for the doors of the Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel & Conference Centre

    August 09, 2015
    Samenwerking Festool en 3M van start
    • Samenwerking Festool en 3M van start

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      With direct access to the airport, the Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel is a comfortable platform used by many international travellers. It’s perfect for holiday-makers/commuters expecting style and quality, without comprising on functionality. Over the years, the hotel doors have been damaged by high traffic wear and tear, resulting in discoloured and outdated hotel doors. For this reason, the hotel management decided to refurbish the doors, with minimal disruption to day to day activity such as noise and mess.

      After a pilot project and substantial analysis of comparative solutions, the Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel selected 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes for a complete makeover of its doors.

      Patrick Zeeuw, Director of Technical Service Starwood Hotels, Netherlands quotes:
      “The quality of DI-NOC is excellent and it offers a wide range of finishes". Using this architectural solution provides a practical advantage in a crowded hotel: "It is easy to replace if there is minor damage" says Zeeuw. "No other supplier could offer such an extended warranty and that gave us a lot of confidence in the product. For example, we guarantee the colour fastness for several years”.

    • Samenwerking Festool en 3M van start

      Premium Film

      Over 400 doors were repaired and refurbished with 3M DI-NOC finishes during the programme. Project Manager Rob Deventer of System-Line describes the process from renovation to decoration. “In order to protect the guests, we worked in stages. The Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel made sure every Monday certain parts of a floor were available, so we were able to work“. Rob continues: “The whole process ran smoothly. DI-NOC is just a great film: application is a breeze".

      Within about ten working days all doors were refurbished without significant impact to the hotel business and its guests. “It would have been impossible to get such a result if we would have painted the doors" said Deventer. "Painting takes a lot more time and causes more inconvenience to the users of the building“. Zeeuw recalls, "The whole team collaborated well with us, on the planning for example as they reacted very quickly when necessary".

      The Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel chose from the 500 available DI-NOC patterns a warm wood effect. Zeeuw: "Beautiful or ‘not beautiful’ is of course a matter of taste, but we have received a host positive reactions. The doors look much better now and have a completely different design. The result is flawless, a perfect fit, the finish is perfect and the whole installation process went smoothly. In short, I am very satisfied”.


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