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Freedom to Design

Freedom to create spaces and environments exactly the way you want but for less cost and time than a traditional refurbishment is what 3M architectural surface & glass solutions offer. We can emulate leather, marble, wood - in fact, most hard or soft materials you can think of - into a tough, hard-wearing surface. See for yourself how 3M surface & glass finishes have been used in a variety of environments.


  • Nothing is more liberating than knowing there are no limits on your ideas. 3M architectural finishes give you a freedom of thought that lets you do things your way without compromise. Visit our clinic room and wellness centre to learn more.

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  • 3M architectural finishes are perfect for making quick, cost-effective transformations while still enjoying high-quality results. Explore the possibilities here and discover the economic freedom you could have in common with property owners, architects and designers worldwide.

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  • Free your mind with 3M architectural finishes and discover how you can maximise your existing resources and environment to become the type and style of location you wish to be.

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  • Regardless of perceived limitations, 3M architectural finishes can help you express a vision balanced between maximum impact and minimal, tasteful design. The examples here illustrate this freedom of expression and what can be achieved.

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  • Whether you are starting from fresh or refurbishing your working spaces, 3M architectural finishes give you the freedom to be your creative best. The links here demonstrate how the latest surface finish materials can come together with an existing environment to create the sort of place people want to be.

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About 3M Surface and Glass Finishes

With a strong tradition of innovation and technological know-how, 3M's flexible, creative and technologically-advanced surface and glass finishing solutions for architectural and interior designs help building owners and designers to create specific moods and atmospheres, defining the character of any environment. 3M architectural finishes are engineered to offer design excellence, enhance human comfort and respect environmental sustainability.