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  • At 3M Oral Care, we promote lifelong oral health by developing innovative dental and orthodontic solutions that help simplify your procedures and deliver predicable clinical outcomes. With a history of leadership in the dental and orthodontic industries and a scientific approach to product development, we create the high quality, advanced products you need to keep your patients smiling.

3M Oral Care

Advancing the Science of Oral Health

We promote lifelong oral health with proven dental and orthodontic solutions.


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  • 3M℠ Health Care Academy offers continuous education for health care professionals. This professional training and education resource is dedicated to helping you focus on deepening your expertise and improving patient care.

  • 3M has unmatched science at our core giving us a unique platform to develop products that address oral health needs throughout a lifetime.

3M Oral Care News

  • Introducing Victory Series™ Superior Fit Buccal Tubes

    Introducing Victory Series™ Superior Fit Buccal Tubes – designed with extensive user input, these tubes offer performance enhancements you can both see and feel when you place them.

    Now available with APC™ Flash-Free Adhesive, and in the MBT™ System and Roth* Prescription!

    * 3M version of this prescription, no endorsement by the Doctor is implied.

  • Six Tips for Kids’ Teeth

    They lick the majority of the toothpaste off their toothbrush and use the rest to paint a mural on the bathroom mirror. They claim to have thoroughly brushed their tiny little teeth, but the “Smell My Breath, Mommy!” test says otherwise.

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