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3M HIS is committed to eliminating revenue cycle waste, creating more time to care and leading the shift from volume to value-based care. We are closing the loop between clinical care and revenue integrity, providing clinicians with real-time guidance and accurate documentation. From computer-assisted coding (CAC) to clinical documentation integrity (CDI) and performance monitoring, 3M’s automated and intuitive software can help you reduce costs and provide more informed care.

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What our customers and partners say

  • Dr. Sumaya Al Zarooni

    Medical Director at Al Qassimi Hospital

    Our experience with 3M™ MModal Fluency Direct has been extremely positive so far. The introduction of the system has helped us standardize clinical documentation. The process of documentation is now more efficient, creating time for our physicians to spend where it matters most, with their patients, and improving the overall experience for both. Our physicians found the system easy to use; capturing the medical terms and voice commands accurately; reducing the administrative burden; and most importantly, giving them time back to spend with their patients. The implementation of the CDI Engage component of the solution will soon bring additional benefits. This technology will continuously analyze and monitor the content of what is being documented and address any incomplete or unspecified information by nudging the physicians, in real time, to address and improve the quality of clinical documentation and ultimately patient care.

  • Dr. Yaser Hussein Abuhajjaj

    Health Informatics Expert at Emirates Health Services

    3M Fluency Direct AI & ML based voice recognition solution is a breakthrough in clinical documentation technologies, it’s sensitivity to recognize the voice, accent and commands is amazing, moreover the ability to learn as you use the solution is really surprising. I am sure that this solution will reduce the clinicians’ documentation time and increase the time to be spend with the patient and improve the quality of documentation

  • Dr. Sobia Siddiq

    Internal Medicine at Al Qassimi Hospital

    I have started using 3M Fluency Direct from the first day I was told about it, and it has given me the opportunity to make detailed notes in much lesser time. Though my typing speed is quite fast, but voice recognition has made it much faster to add notes in great detail. I would highly recommend it to my colleagues to use it to save time specially in busy times in OPD when there are back-to-back patients. It recognizes the words well except on few occasions when I have to go through it again. Highly recommended system and appreciate the effort by the team.​