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Featured courses

  • Environmental Monitoring (with Dr. Martin Wiedmann)

    Understand the value of an environmental monitoring plan, how to establish a plan and what to do with results when managing a food processing operation.

    1 CE credit offered

  • large smile
    Targeting the Complications of Xerostomia

    Learn to appreciate anew how essential saliva is for our health, and provides an overview of the etiologies, signs and symptoms of salivary gland hypofunction.

    1 CE credit offered

  • sterilization
    What is Happening Inside that Magic Box?

    Become informed on how to identify options, describe quality assurance procedures and recognize significant variables that effect vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilizers.

    1 CE credits offered

“I look to 3M for the variety of educational opportunities and perspectives they foster. 3M learning events will always feature diverse speakers sharing real-world advice from an array of practice sizes and philosophies.”

- Dr. Jeremy Smith

Featured live events & webinars

Invest in yourself and advance your practice by attending one of our education seminars.

  • food sorting
    3M Food Safety Food Spoilage Education Series with Dr. Randy Worobo

    Live Webinar
    October 11 (7:30-8:30 am CST)

    Join our live webinars to learn from Dr. Randy Worobo about real industry examples of challenges and solutions related to food spoilage, and have your questions answered in an interactive Q&A session with the expert. You’ll also receive copies of the presentations by registering for the sessions.

    1 CE credits offered

  • endoscope
    Sterile U Presents: Why Sterilization of Endoscopes?

    Live Webinar
    September 6 (2 sessions)

    In this webinar Jeff Wiser will discuss and promote an increased understanding of the issues, evidence and recommended practices that can be used to help assess current facility practices for disinfection or sterilization of flexible endoscopes to drive endoscope processing improvements and patient safety.

    1 CE credit offered

  • sand diego california
    NEW! Excellere - Elevate Your Practice

    San Diego, CA
    September 15–16

    Leveraging Esthetics, Emerging Technologies, and Efficient Treatment to Enhance the Patient Experience and Achieve Your Goals. Excellere - Latin inf. /ek'sel.ler/: to elevate, to rise up, to surpass. Be a part of these two incredible days in San Diego! Actionable take-aways for your entire team. Exchange of new ideas and thought leadership.

    8 CE credits offered

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