3M™ Cleaner for Matte Wrap Film

3M™ Cleaner for Matte Wrap Film

An effective way to clean and preserve your matte wrap films

Car wrappers know only too well how dirt, dust and rain marks can make it difficult to maintain a matte wrap film finish on a car. Matte wrapped cars need to be cleaned regularly to maintain their look. In the past, with existing cleaners, wrappers have run the risk of damaging the vinyl film surface and losing the matte look.

3M™ Cleaner for Matte Wrap Films is a unique formulation developed for professional users to gently and effectively clean matte films whilst still preserving the matte look.

Supplied as a liquid cleaner in a 750ml bottle, 3M Cleaner for Matte Wrap Films is easy to use. Simply pour a small amount of the liquid onto a Scotch-Brite™ High Performance Cloth (or equivalent) and remove the dirt with circular movements. In case of heavier dirt, such as rain mark stains, use of a damp Scotch-Brite™ Easy Eraser sponge is recommended. Pour a small amount of cleaner onto the sponge and apply light pressure to remove the dirt. After cleaning, wipe the surface with a water soaked cloth to remove the soiled liquid from the film surface and use a soft cloth to dry.

It’s as easy as that.

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