• 3M Oral Care at AEEDC, Dubai, 2018

    March 30, 2018
    • By 3M

      On 6-8th of February 3M Oral Care took part in one of the biggest trade shows in the MENA Region, AEEDC 2018 held in Dubai. Same as in the last years 3M welcomed visitors from different countries at the booth to share the most up-to-date scientific information and 3M procedure solutions for dental and orthodontic professionals.

      Several Procedure Areas dedicated to Dental and Ortho products were designed to demonstrate the most unique features of 3M products to the visitors.

      The Direct Procedure area was equipped with MARC® patient simulator from BlueLight® Analytics connected to a computer with customized software which allowed providing both the challenges of a restoration procedure and real-time analytical feedback for 3M™ Elipar™ DeepCure S curing light performance with the combination of Filtek™ Z350XT Universal nanocomposite restorative or Filtek™ Bulk Fill Posterior restorative designed to carry out posterior restorations using material in one increment up to 5mm.

      The Indirect Procedure area was dedicated to 3M dental cements which dental professionals around the world have relied on for nearly 50 years to keep their patients smiling. And as a visualization of the outstanding performance, 3M™ RelyX™ U200 Self-Adhesive Resin Cement, the world’s most clinically proven self-adhesive resin cement, was selected to demonstrate the bond strength to zirconia using special device with the weight exceeding 20 kg – with no failure in 3 consecutive days!

      In the Orthodontic procedure the esthetic procedure with Clarity™ Advanced ceramic brackets and efficient procedure with Victory™ series metal brackets complemented with APC™ Flash-Free adhesive coated appliance system were demonstrated, which altogether are providing various solutions and allowing to grow orthodontic practice with esthetics and efficiency.

      In the dedicated Educational Area doctors could test various dental and orthodontic products and learn more about the features of the 3M procedure solutions with the help of 3M product specialists. And during the live product demonstrations which were carried by 3M Scientific Affairs and Educational Manager Dr. Rasha Ahmed, doctors had an opportunity learn more about the peculiarities of cementation, impressioning and direct procedures.

      And at the Interactive photo shooting area visitors enjoyed taking live photos which were instantly shared via email with the participants.

      Looking forward meeting you at 3M Booth at AEEDC 2018!

      For more details please contact 3M Gulf at www.3MGulf.com/espe