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Why do I need paint protection film installed?

  • Paint protection film is a highly effective way to protect your paint from stone chips, abrasions and environmental damage. It provides a durable protective barrier without altering the vehicle's appearance to keep your vehicle looking as good as new.

    When is the best time to get paint protection film installed?

    As soon as possible after purchasing the vehicle. Ideally within the first weeks or at least before too much damage is incurred. Prevention is better than cure, so the sooner the better!

    How is paint protection film fitted?

    All paint protection films are installed by our approved network of 3M Endorsed Installers, who are specifically trained to work with 3M films and installation practices which ensure your wrap looks great without any bubbles or rough edges. Once fitted by our professional installers our wraps are covered by 3M’s comprehensive warranty.

    What do I need to do prior to installation?

    Nothing, as long as the car or bike is fairly clean. The approved installer will fully clean and prep the surface ready for installation so nothing else is needed.

    Is the film cut to shape on the vehicle?

    For the most part our installers use pattern designs which have been pre-cut. These are then plotter-cut at the installer's premises ready to fit your particular model of vehicle.

    Can paint protection film be removed?

    Paint protection film is intended to be permanent, but it can be removed without damage to your car’s finish. 3M recommends that you visit a 3M™ Paint Protection Film installer for removal.

Bring your vision to life.

Bring your vision to life.

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Find experienced paint protection film installers.

Paint protection film installation is a delicate and intricate process.

3M Endorsed Installers are a global network of specialists. They have the skills and knowledge to apply 3M car personalization products to your requirements.

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