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How much does a car wrap cost?

  • Car wrapping is all about creating something that’s unique and bespoke, as well as beautiful. No two car wraps are the same, which makes answering the question ‘how much to wrap a car,’ difficult. A car wrap price depends primarily on the vehicle and the specific wrap film you’d like to use. But there isn’t a standard price tag for a high-quality, professional car wrap. Think of it like commissioning any work of art, the range in price can be huge, depending on your specifications.
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    What are the maintenance costs after getting a car wrap?

    Car wrap film should receive the same care as car paint. Regular cleaning is vital, as dirt will get stuck to the vehicle. We recommend routine trips to a brushless car wash (with no hot wax) or wash carefully by hand.

    Matte and textured wrap films require more care than glossy surfaces, as the roughness and structure allow fine dust to settle more easily. Cleaning these surfaces also takes longer. A 3M Endorsed Installer will be able to supply specialised cleaning products for an additional cost.

Bring your vision to life.

Bring your vision to life.

Choose from different colors, coverage options, and finishes to create your own design with the restyling studio tool.


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Wrapping a vehicle is a delicate and intricate process.

3M Endorsed Installers are a global network of specialists. They have the skills and knowledge to apply 3M car personalization products to your requirements.

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