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How much does paint protection cost?

  • Pricing varies depending on the size and type of car and the area of installation. The best way to find out what paint protection would cost is to speak to one of our installation professionals, who will be able to offer you advice and an accurate quote, based on your personal needs and desired outcome.
    Find your nearest trained 3M™ Paint Protection Film installer.

    Why is paint protection film an 'investment'?

    When you come to resell the vehicle, the paintwork underneath the film will be as good as the day it was installed, so should command a higher resale price than a car with faded or damaged paint.

Bring your vision to life.

Bring your vision to life.

Choose from different colors, coverage options, and finishes to create your own design with the restyling studio tool.


Find experienced paint protection film installers.

Paint protection film installation is a delicate and intricate process.

3M Endorsed Installers are a global network of specialists. They have the skills and knowledge to apply 3M car personalization products to your requirements.

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