Car wrap hood installation

Can I install the car wrap myself?

  • While it is possible, we strongly recommend you use a certified, professional installer in order to ensure the quality, appearance and durability of your wrap matches your expectations. Installing the wrap yourself can go wrong very easily and will mean it’s not covered by our comprehensive warranty.

    If you would like to learn the skills and qualify to install wraps yourself, then read our guide on becoming a 3M Endorsed Installer.

    What car graphics are available?

    You can have any text or design printed, or can use a solid colored film and cut it into a specific shape. You can even do a combination of both! Our 3M Endorsed Installers can help you create your own unique design and then install it for you.

    Who does the installation and where?

    Our network of 3M Endorsed Installers can do a high-quality install for you. They’re part of a national network of specialists who have the skill and knowledge to prepare and apply 3M car wrapping products to your exact requirements. Chosen for their best business practices, technical skill and knowledge, all 3M Endorsed Installers are passionate about delivering quality, eye-catching car wraps that stand the test of time. Find your nearest installer using our search tool.

    Can I wrap just parts of my car rather than the total car?

    Yes, some of the most unique and interesting wraps just feature detailing on places like the roof, bonnet, wing mirrors or front grill. It’s a great way to personalize your car without going to the expense of a full wrap.

    Can the film damage my car's paint?

    Removal within the wraps warranty period is highly unlikely to cause any damage. 3M car wrapping films are tested for compatibility with many of the commonly used paint systems in the automotive industry. Decades of experience show that our adhesives typically don’t chemically react with the paint.

    However, improper paint repair can have low tack to the car body, meaning that some may be pulled off along with the film on removal.

    What are the printed wrapping materials made of?

    3M car wraps are made from printable graphic films that are specially designed to be printed by inkjet digital printers. The printed films should be protected by an overlaminate that can be in gloss or matte depending on your preference.

    Will the color of my printed wrap look the same as on my screen?

    In most cases you will not notice any difference. Because of the wide array of monitors and monitor settings, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the colors you see on your screen.

    How long does installation take?

    Generally, a full car wrap installation takes about a day. However, we recommend leaving your car in the shop for another day to help ensure proper adhesion of the film to the car has been achieved. If you’re looking for a partial wrap then the time needed will be much shorter. Upon submitting your request, the installer will be able to inform you of the amount of time that your wrap will require.

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Bring your vision to life.

Bring your vision to life.

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Wrapping a vehicle is a delicate and intricate process.

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