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Can I install 3M window films myself?

  • No, 3M Window Films require professional application. Our network of trained installers is thoroughly trained and experienced in performing high quality work. In this way, our customers will enjoy the benefits of 3M Window Films.

    Will 3M window films stop my car seats from fading?

    Nothing completely stops fading. 3M Window Films are designed to help reduce ultraviolet light, visible light, and solar heat, which are the major causes of fading. Window films can prolong the life of your furnishings by as much as two to five times.

    Generally, ultraviolet (UV) is approximately 40% of the cause, visible light is about 25%, and heat about 25%. The remaining 10% can be attributed to humidity, pollutants, interior lights, dye stability, and other factors.

    This means UV rays often take the biggest toll on your car’s interior. Fabrics, leather and plastics all absorb UV light and then fade, change color, weaken or break down. Our automotive window tints block up to 99% of these harmful UV rays.

    As well as your interior, our window film also protects the occupants against harmful UV radiation and are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective UV protectant, providing up to 1000 SPF.

    How do 3M sun control films work?

    3M Sun Control Films are designed to reduce the amount of solar heat transmission through window glass by increasing the solar reflection (not necessarily visible reflection) and solar absorption through the glass.

    Typical colored or dyed films work primarily through increased absorption. The color absorbs the solar energy at the glass, reducing the direct transmission into the room. These films are not as effective as reflective films for reducing heat.

    Reflective films are films that have been precision coated with metals. These metallised films are designed to increase the solar energy reflection of the glass. 3M reflective films range from moderate to excellent in solar performance.

    All 3M Sun Control Films are made to be transparent and optically clear. The ultraviolet protection is built into the adhesive system to provide longevity to the film as well as provide UV protection for your home and office furnishings.

Bring your vision to life.

Bring your vision to life.

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