Car wrap hood installation

Can the wrap be removed?

  • Yes. When removed within the 3M warranty period, they should remove cleanly. If any residue remains, it is easily cleaned off.

    Can I remove it myself? Will it leave residue?

    Yes, you can remove it, but we recommend professional removal. Warming it up will help it to peel off and it won't leave a residue on the surface.

    Does it remove the paint?

    If the paintwork was original when the wrap was fitted, it won't be damaged. However, poorly cured resprays are more vulnerable so always consult the installer if you have had a respray.

    How long will my wrap last?

    Your wrap properly installed and properly maintained, is warranted to remain in acceptable viewing up to 8 years on vertical application and up to 3 years on horizontal (non-vertical) applications. For printed graphic wraps the warranty lasts up to 8 years depending on the printers and inks used. Ask your installer which product is being used and what is the respective warranty period offered.

    Is my wrap durable in all weather conditions?

    Yes. Our wrapping materials are made and tested to withstand the elements. You can help protect the beauty and life of your wrap by storing your vehicle inside when possible, and regular and thorough cleaning.

Bring your vision to life.

Bring your vision to life.

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