The Next Generation of Wrap Films

The Next Generation of Wrap Films

Outstanding Conformability for Easy Handling

3M Wrap Film Series 1380

The main characteristic of this evolutionary product is its outstanding conformability which allows for application on even the most severely recessed areas of a vehicle without the need for any cuts.

The lifting resistance of Wrap Film Series 1380 will be backed by the 3M™ MCS™ Warranty, providing peace of mind to wrappers for all vehicle applications.

Wrap Film Series 1380 comes with the 3M™ Controltac™ film patented technology which allows easy positioning and repositioning on the surface of vehicles during application. It also incorporates the 3M™ Comply™ adhesive non visible air release system which provides an even and smooth surface appearance after application while helping to prevent air bubbles.

The improved initial tack of this film has been greatly received by the wrappers that have had the opportunity to apply this film during market testing.

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Does all that the current Wrap Film Series 1080 does, plus:

  • Features

    Low relaxation force of the film

    Special low tack adhesive formulation associated with Controltac™ film technology

    Micro Comply™ adhesive technology

  • Advantages

    Warranted lifting resistance
    Conformability without cutting

    Optimized initial tack


    Impressive film appearance

  • Benefits

    Peace of mind
    Quality of application
    Speed of application

    High slideability and repositionability property makes application easier & more efficient when an installer is working alone

    3M Non-Visible Air Release Channels result in a very uniform final appearance on the vehicle

Colour Range

  • 1380-M10 Matte White

    1380-M10 Matte White

  • 1380-G10 Gloss White
    1380-G10 Gloss White
  • 1380-G45 Gloss Royal Yellow
    1380-G45 Gloss Royal Yellow
  • 1380-S284 Satin Autumn Orange Metallic
    1380-S284 Satin Autumn Orange Metallic
  • 1380-G13 Gloss Hotrod Red
    1380-G13 Gloss Hotrod Red
  • 1380-M287 Matte Slate Blue Metallic
    1380-M287 Matte Slate Blue Metallic
  • 1380-M126 Matte Army Green
    1380-M126 Matte Army Green
  • 1380-M230 Matte Grey Aluminium
    1380-M230 Matte Grey Aluminium
  • 1380-G281 Gloss Mineral Grey Metallic
    1380-G281 Gloss Mineral Grey Metallic
  • 1380-291 Matte Granite Metallic
    1380-291 Matte Granite Metallic
  • 1380-M12 Matte Black
    1380-M12 Matte Black
  • 1380-S12 Satin Black
    1380-S12 Satin Black
  • 1380-G12 Gloss Black
    1380-G12 Gloss Black
  • 1380-G212 Gloss Black Metallic
    1380-G212 Gloss Black Metallic