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Matte coating technology
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3M DI-NOC films - transforms spaces and objects

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Matt Series

The new DI-NOC collection - discover matte series

Combining science with artistry, the new DI-NOC™ collection features an advanced ultra-matte top coating, designed and produced by the 3M Research and Design center in Japan. This unique finish brings the most natural look, it is almost impossible to distinguish the real material from the DI-NOC™ pattern. It comes with a number of exciting new effects to the designer’s palette– including wood grains that look freshly cut from the forest; natural stone patterns with a realistic dimensional appearance; and metallics, solid colors, rich fabric and leather looks that are not only boldly vibrant, but also resist fingerprint smudges.

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Find inspiration at Milan Design Week

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Milan Design week

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Transform without limitations. Enhance with elegancy

Find inspiration with new collections

  • Smooth Metal

  • Solid Color

  • Smooth Mortar

  • Industrial Texture

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  • Smooth Stone

  • Textile

  • Oxidized Metal

  • Dry Wood


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