• 3M™ Visual Privacy for Finance

    3M™ Visual Privacy for Finance

    Customer data is the Finance industry’s most important resource and protecting it is absolutely critical. With visual hackers motivated to steal sensitive customer data from viewable screens, plus the rise in regulatory standards requiring companies to use all means possible to safeguard client data even against low tech threats the finance industry needs 3M visual privacy solutions more than ever.
    3M Privacy Filters block visual hackers from side views while users can see clearly from the front, helping to keep sensitive information like credit history and loan applications safe from devastating visual breaches.
    Banks and consulting firms especially have many key risk areas. From teller work stations, top platform desks, to open office floor plans; the higher the visibility the more vulnerable your information is to theft.
    Whether it’s for laptops, tablets, smartphones or monitors secure your customers confidence with a solid financial investment. Comprehensive visual privacy solutions, only from 3M.