• 3M Privacy For E-assessment Candidate Privacy

    3M Privacy For E-assessment Candidate Privacy

    With an increasing number of online e-examinations replacing traditional paper based tests, protecting on-screen information in the Education sector is a growing issue. In 2012/13 over 1600 Scottish University Students were caught cheating in some form and more than 100 students a year are expelled from Universities in the UK for cheating offences.

    With the potential sanctions for non-compliance to exam regulations including, suspension of candidate registrations, suspension of certification and the withdrawal of centre recognition – it’s important to ensure appropriate security measures are put in place to maintain compliance and prevent cheating.

    Examination conditions for schools and sixth form colleges in England and Wales are regulated by the JCQ. To ensure e-assessment candidate privacy, JCQ guidelines require that each work station must be – Isolated by a minimum space of 1.25 metres measured from the nearest outer edge of one screen to the next, unless… the monitors are positioned back-to-back, separated by dividers, or protected by privacy screens.

    Suitable for supervised and non-supervised on-line assessments, 3M Privacy Filters offer flexible, efficient planning of examination rooms, enabling computer suites to be converted into compliant examination rooms in minutes and provide the most effective method of privacy in any educational IT scenario.