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    Science. Applied to keeping visual hackers in the dark.

    Keep login credentials, payroll information and other sensitive data private with 3M Privacy Products. Innovative technology from 3M prevents visual hackers from stealing sideways glances at your screen, while providing a crisp, clear view for intended users.

    • Ingenious microlouver technology blacks out unwanted side views
    • Crisp, clean image clarity when directly in front of the screen
    • Available for most devices, brands and screen sizes

Advanced privacy. Available in two shades.

  • 3M Black Privacy Filters provide privacy protection by blocking unwanted side views of your laptop and desktop displays.

  • 3M Gold Privacy Filters provide greater privacy protection and higher clarity for laptops and desktop displays.

Why Privacy?

video key frame of visual hackers sneaking peeks at a computer screen over a cubicle wall

Have you been visually hacked?

See how easy visual hacking can be.

Learn more about Visual Hacking
  • Infographic of percentage of security incidents that involve human error
    95% of all security incidents involve human error.[1]

    Mistakes sometimes happen. But allowing confidential information displayed on screens to be visually hacked is a mistake that IT security professionals in many organisations cannot afford to make. In today’s modern, mobile business environment, visual privacy is more important than ever.

  • Infographic showing how quickly visual hacking can happen
    Visual hacking happens quickly and easily.

    In the Visual Hacking Experiment, sponsored by 3M and conducted by the Ponemon Institute, an undercover white hat hacker was sent into participating corporate offices to gather information using only visual means. The hacker obtained sensitive information in 91% of trials. [2]

  • Illustration of a person sneaking a peek at a computer screen
    Anyone can be a visual hacker—inside or outside the office.

    Visual privacy isn't just an issue in public places. How many visitors and contractors are in your office on a daily basis? It's not just your employees who may see sensitive data within your organisation.

1 2014 Cyber Security Intelligence Index, IBM security, 2014.
2 Ponemone Institute, "3M Visual Hacking Experiment," 2015, sponsored by 3M and the Visual Privacy Advisory Council.

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  • Diagram showing how privacy filters work

    Privacy Products - how do they work?

    3M Privacy Filters use advanced microlouver technology to block side views, while providing a crisp, clear view for the intended user. The result? A perfectly clear view of your information, while people all around can only see a darkened screen.

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