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  • 3M Privacy Filters help protect the confidential, sensitive and private information on your screen from visual hackers. Our range includes privacy filters for desktop monitors, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

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  • The 3M Anti-Glare Filters and Anti-Glare Screen Protectors help protect your screens from scratches, dust and glare from sun or bright light. Our range includes anti-glare solutions for desktop monitors, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

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Screen privacy is more important than ever.

Advanced microlouver technology. Applied to helping stop visual hackers.

  • Privacy filter being placed on laptop screen
    1. Easy to attach, remove and reattach.

    3M science and ingenuity makes our privacy products simple and easy to attach to your screen.

  • Privacy filter attached to laptop screen
    2. You see your screen clearly.

    Viewing experience remains crisp and clear when viewing straight on.

  • Laptop turned to show privacy
    3. Visual hackers are kept in the dark.

    Prying eyes beside you see only a black screen—almost as if the screen isn't turned on.

  • Illustration of zone of privacy protection
    How 3M Privacy Products work.

    Advanced microlouver technology blocks side views, while providing a crisp, clear view for the intended user.

  • Have you been visually hacked?

    Prying eyes are all around. Help keep your confidential and sensitive information safe from visual hackers.

Privacy in your industry

With the growing industry focus on data privacy and potential fines for data breaches running into £m’s, it’s more important than ever to ensure your organisation is fully compliant.

Why 3M? The answer is clear.

Privacy products family

World-class effective privacy.

Featuring black out technology pioneered and optimised by 3M.

  • Person working on laptop in public
    A trusted leader in screen privacy and protection.

    We pioneered the microlouver technology that made our privacy products work so well and become so popular. We continue to be a trusted global leader in visual privacy and screen protection today.

  • 3M lab
    Creating visual privacy through the science of light management.

    As display and device technology continues to advance, so do we. Driven by our passion to make things better, we constantly refine our products and find new ingenious ways to keep your screens, and the information on them, safe.

  • Touch tablet
    Touch responsive and high-resolution ready.

    Our slim privacy products work simply and beautifully on today's advanced screens. But behind the simplicity is a powerful combination of optical science and sheer ingenuity you've come expect from 3M.

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