3M™ Combat Arms Single End Corded Earplugs

  • 3M ID XA007706865



3M™ Combat Arms™ Earplugs Single Ended are our reusable earplugs featuring a special patented acoustic filter that enables greater situational awareness whilst protecting against high level impulse noise.

Get greater situational awareness while wearing hearing protection with 3M™ Combat Arms™ Earplugs, Single Ended. Our earplugs offer high attenuation against peak impulse noise, up to 155 dB peak and sound reduction of up to 15 dB. They feature a specially designed filter which allows low level sound through with relatively little noise reduction, so you can stay aware of what’s going on around you. The triple flange design helps ensure the ear plug remains securely seated inside the ear and fits most ear canals. Customer tested and approved by members of NATO and military forces. Approved NATO stock numbers are available.

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