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Popular Protective Communications Products

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A Complete Hearing Conservation Solution

  • 3M Hearing Conservation Detection

    Detecting noise levels in the workplace is the first step to ensure your workforce is protected. Complying with regulations, selecting appropriate protection and analyzing noise control options are all easier with 3M solutions for exposure assessment, noise analysis and employee engagement. 3M's accurate, reliable, and flexible instrumentation coupled with powerful software is the innovative solution for your noise detection challenge.

  • 3M Hearing Conservation Protection

    Once you have detected your noise level, it is critical to select a hearing protector that your employees are motivated to wear. 3M has the broadest selection of hearing protectors for a wide range of environments. Trouble fitting your plugs? Need to communicate in noise? Dirty hands? Hot, humid conditions? These are just a few of the many challenges that 3M's innovative products can solve for you. 3M global experts are available for consultation on your specific hearing protection challenge.

  • 3M Hearing Conservation Validation

    You have offered hearing protection to your workers. Now, how do you gain confidence they are protected? The 3M™ E-A-Rfit™ Dual-Ear Validation System utilizes F-Mire technology to measure the level of employee hearing protection in just 10 seconds. Workers receive their own personal attenuation rating (PAR) and learn how correctly inserting the right earplug increases their level of protection.

Additional Resources

  • Communications Headsets Technical Support:
    Please see the contact information and hours of operation for the Communications Headsets Applications-Repair-Technical Support (ARTS) Facility Center, including contact information and hours of operation for repairs, warranty work or product customization.

    Hours of Operation:
    Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm EST

    Repairs and Warranty Shipping Address:
    5457 West 79th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46268; Attention: Repairs

    PELTOR Customer Service: 1-800-328-1667
    PELTOR Customer Service: 1-800-328-1667
    PELTOR Tech Service: 1-800-665-2942
    PELTOR Tech Service: 1-800-665-2942
    Email: Peltor.comms@mmm.com

  • Fit test your hearing products and get objective, personalized results to help you protect your workers against noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). Learn more
  • Hear Force On-Site Training:

    3M Hear Force Training

    Free on-site hearing conservation training for your employees! Learn more

    Visit 3M™'s Safety eLearning Portal:
    This is a unique, customized portal that provides helpful training and education resources for hearing conservation enthusiasts, students and instructors.

    3M Safety eLearning – man at computer

    3M™ E-A-R™ Hearing Conservation Seminars:
    There's no better way to educate yourself and your staff about the current regulations, equipment choices, employee training programs and legal issues related to noise hazards and hearing conservation. Conducted by two of the industry's most respected hearing experts, these day-long seminars discuss, in detail, how to asses noise problems and properly protect your employees.
    View Schedule and Registration

    Hearing Conservation in Use at airport

    Webinars for On-Demand Training: From time to time 3M will present on-line seminars. Below are links to assist in your training efforts. They can be accessed and taken at a time that is convenient for you.
    (No On-Demand Webinars are available at this time.)

  • 3M Protective Communication

    Industry-leading 3M™ PELTOR™ Protective Communication Solutions combine state-of-the-art electronics and hearing protection advancements. Solutions include both earmuff headset models and in-ear communication devices.

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